Police: Darien Man, Seemingly Intoxicated, Throws Milk, Threatens Others in Angry Argument

Darien Police Department
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An intoxicated 28-year-old Darien man got into an argument with at least two other people in his household who objected to him bringing a gallon of milk to the second floor of their home.

Police described what happened with this account, which includes accusations not proven in court:

The argument, which took place on Sunday, Aug. 26, resulted in the man throwing the milk at one of the people he was arguing with. He pushed that person and another other person and challenged the second person to a fight. No further violence was reported, although both of the victims were called obscenities.

The man also threatened to kill them and other people. He had been aggressive in the past, but never violent, the victims told police.

When police arrived at the scene in response to a call at about 1:18 p.m., they found the man standing in the roadway of the street he lives on (a very short street off the Post Road near Stamford).

Police noticed he seemed intoxicated. The man told them he had been drinking rum.

Police charged him with threatening and disorderly conduct, arrested him and later released him without bond. He was scheduled to appear Aug. 30 in state Superior Court in Stamford. A condition of his release (which can be countermanded later by the court) is that he not have contact with the victims.

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