Parents, Mature High School Students Invited to See ‘Haze’ — Documentary on Binge Drinking, Monday, March 5

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Binge drinking killed a college freshman from Greenwich in 2004, and it’s killed a Darien teenager as well.

“Haze,” a documentary about binge drinking and Gordie Bailey’s death, will be shown from 7 to 8:30 p.m., Monday, March 5 at Darien Library.

Haze illustration CFundDarienBailey died from alcohol poisoning in September 2004 after passing out on a couch in his fraternity house following a hazing initiation at the University of Colorado.

In 2008, The Gordie Foundation produced Haze, a documentary telling Gordie’s story and discussing the issues surrounding college drinking and hazing. This program is for parents and mature high-school aged students.

After the screening, there will be a panel discussion to respond to questions from the audience.

Panelists include: Officer Bryan Wallman (Darien High School Student Resource Officer) Dr. Frank Bartolomeo (The Southfield Center for Development) and special guest in long-term recovery.

  • “At Chris Herren’s presentation, he challenged young people to think about why (or why not) they would use drugs or alcohol. At HAZE, we challenge you to consider “What IF you engage with drugs/alcohol.” All young people along with their parents, need to see this film and together be a part of the conversation to keep themselves and their friends safe.”

— Alicia Sillars, Youth Commissioner, Town of Darien

26 percent DHS Seniors consumed alcoholThe Community Fund of Darien, Youth Asset Team, YWCA/Parent Awareness, Darien Youth Commission and Darien Library are co-sponsoring this event.

For more information, call Emily Larkin at The Community Fund of Darien at (203) 655-8775 or


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