Constance Mary Coventry, 85, Avid Sailor, Traveler, Active in Darien Community Association


Mary Constance Coventry, 85, passed away on Feb. 19. A Celebration of Life will be held June 16.

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We celebrate the life of Constance Mary (Connie) Coventry (Oct. 16, 1932 to Feb. 19, 2018), wife of Kenneth Coventry, mother of Gary and Sandy Coventry, grandmother of Owen Coventry, with these loving memories. She was 85.

Mary Constance Coventry, 85, passed away on Feb. 19. A Celebration of Life will be held June 16.

Connie spent half her life in Australia and half in the U.S. She and Ken and the family moved between the two countries several times. She and Ken, Gary and Sandy also lived in London for four years. They traveled the world extensively with many stops in Europe and game reserves in Africa.

Connie was married to Ken for 65 years and is the mother to their 2 children — Gary who was born in Australia, and Sandy who was born in New York. Connie and Ken were members of the Noroton Yacht Club for 45 years.

They sailed the Ensign Platypus most of that time, frequently during the week and on racing weekends. Connie was an active Darien Community Association member and enjoyed painting class and loved nature and flower arranging for many years.


an obituary from Lawrence Funeral Home, with some information from El Camino Memorial


In retirement, Connie and Ken bought a residence in San Diego and spent winters there, and summers in Darien ever since. In San Diego, they were active in the Zoo, Wild Animal Park and Sea World.

They enjoyed many walks on the beach, where Connie loved bird watching and particularly the Sanderlings. For many years they traveled back to Australia for long vacations until the trip became too arduous.

Connie was known for her kind, gentle spirit, and an example for those who loved her. A Celebration of Life will be held at 4 p.m., Saturday, June 16, 2018 at Lawrence Funeral Home, 2119 Post Road.

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