Three Motor Vehicle Burglaries, Two Other Thefts from Darien Homes — on Same Night, on Same Two Blocks



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Sometime overnight Tuesday to Wednesday last week (June 5 to 6), two cars were reported to have been entered as well as a house, and a bicycle was missing from the porch of another house, Darien police said.

All of the cars entered and the two other thefts were within two blocks of each other on the Post Road in Noroton, near the Darien YMCA.

Here’s what police said they were told:

5 Seagate Road — Vehicle and Home

A woman told police she parked her vehicle in the driveway at about 11:30 p.m. She didn’t lock it (although for years the same area of town has had numerous incidents of unlocked cars being entered by thieves).

The next morning, at 7:30, she went to the car and found the driver’s door ajar and the contents of the glove box strewn about. Nothing seemed to be missing.

She also believed someone may have entered her home. When she went to get her wallet that morning, she found it missing from her purse. She later found the wallet on a nearby table — with the cash missing. She believes there was about $40 in the wallet, she told police.

She spoke to all of the members of her family who had been in the house overnight, and none of them remembered hearing anything.

The family dog was there, but no one heard it barking overnight, and there were no signs someone had forced themselves inside the house. Police are continuing to investigate.

Vehicle at 2520 Post Road

A woman told police that at 8 a.m. she went outside to her unlocked vehicle and saw someone had gone through the pocketbook she left inside. Also, her son’s bicycle had been stolen off the front porch.

Nothing was reported missing from the pocketbook or from anywhere else inside the vehicle.

The bicycle was described as a “specialized” brand, and the woman said she didn’t know the value.

An abandoned bicycle was found across the street from the house. Police are continuing to investigate.

Motor Vehicle Burglary at 37 Catalpa Terrace

At about 8 a.m., a man found the front, passenger-side of his vehicle slightly ajar, and the interior light was on. What had been in the glove box was now on the front passenger’s seat — but nothing seemed to be missing.

The man told police that only the front passenger’s door had been left unlocked overnight.

The man said that although he discovered the vehicle had been entered before he left for work, he couldn’t wait for an officer to respond at that time, so he called police later that day, at 5:41 p.m.

The previous day, a daytime burglary had been reported from a home on West Avenue.

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