Last Minute Gift Suggestions to Lift the Spirit — for Those in Recovery or, Really, Anyone

Candle mountainside gift suggestion 2019

Photo mike User:gnuckx on Wikimedia Commons

"Candles can instantly turn a loved one’s home into a calming oasis."

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In an effort to make shopping a little bit easier, Mountainside treatment center polled more than 100 people in all stages of recovery and asked them about the most meaningful gift they received.

— an announcement from Mountainside treatment center, slightly edited

The holidays are a perfect time to show support for a loved one on their journey to sobriety.  But scrambling for the perfect last-minute gift doesn’t have to be a chore.

Below are some of the gifts that our respondents enjoyed getting, but whether or not your intended recipient is in recovery, you might find a good gift idea here:

Gifts of Positive Affirmation:

Often, the most memorable gifts contain a powerful message of encouragement. The people in recovery we surveyed were especially fond of intention bracelets, which are not only fashionable but can also help them stay focused on their personal goals.

Through meaningful words or symbols, jewelry can provide a small visual reminder of a person’s strength and courage. A bracelet or necklace engraved with comforting messages of hope, such as the Serenity Prayer, is a thoughtful way to mark someone’s sobriety.

Gifts for Rest and Relaxation at Home: 

It can sometimes be challenging for people who are new to recovery to find a fun place to socialize or unwind. Board games and puzzles are activities that can be shared with family and friends while enjoying the comforts of home.

Other useful gifts for enjoying time at home include coloring books and weighted blankets. Both have been proven to release stress and anxiety, and can provide a feeling of calm when loved ones are snowbound.

Gifts of Wellness: 

Candle mountainside gift suggestion 2019

Photo mike User:gnuckx on Wikimedia Commons

“Candles can instantly turn a loved one’s home into a calming oasis.”

Practicing self-care and paying attention to your needs is important, and this is especially true for people in recovery. Scented bath products and candles can instantly turn a loved one’s home into a calming oasis.

Essential oils not only have a wonderful scent, they also have different health benefits, such as boosting energy or lifting one’s mood.

Still stuck? Gift cards are the perfect way to help a loved one in recovery relax and have fun by learning a new skill or finding a new hobby. Ideas can include cooking classes or one-month gym memberships.

Gifts to Enhance Spirituality: 

For loved ones in sobriety who are on a path to find deeper meaning, there are several last-minute gift options to consider. Crystals help promote physical and mental well-being, supply clarity, stimulate mental agility, and aid people in channeling their higher selves.

Smudge kits are another great present for those in recovery. The smoke created by burning herbs such as sage is believed to purify the body and spirit, attract positive energy, and bring clarity to the mind.

Giving the perfect gift is never easy. With the holidays quickly approaching, use these suggestions provided by people in Mountainside’s recovery community to  find a memorable holiday gift for your loved one.

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