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Last Minute Gift Suggestions to Lift the Spirit — for Those in Recovery or, Really, Anyone

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In an effort to make shopping a little bit easier, Mountainside treatment center polled more than 100 people in all stages of recovery and asked them about the most meaningful gift they received. — an announcement from Mountainside treatment center, slightly edited

The holidays are a perfect time to show support for a loved one on their journey to sobriety.  But scrambling for the perfect last-minute gift doesn’t have to be a chore. Below are some of the gifts that our respondents enjoyed getting, but whether or not your intended recipient is in recovery, you might find a good gift idea here:

Gifts of Positive Affirmation:

Often, the most memorable gifts contain a powerful message of encouragement. The people in recovery we surveyed were especially fond of intention bracelets, which are not only fashionable but can also help them stay focused on their personal goals.