Fishing Season (by Crook, Not Hook) Continues at Darien Supermarket: The Two That Got Away

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Something about the seafood department at a local supermarket has been attracting thieves, and on Sept. 3, two more were caught on video making away with a haul of three bags of salmon and seven more of shrimp.

Here’s how Darien police described what happened with the fruits de la mar, at least what happened at the scene of the crime:

On Monday, Sept. 3, at about 6:15 p.m., two females entered Whole Foods Market at 150 Ledge Road, according to a store surveillance video. One of the females was carrying a canvas bag.

The video shows one female going to the freezer section of the seafood department, which is in the back of the building on the same side as the main entrance to the store.

She put the seven bags of frozen seafood into the canvas bag, and the other female put three more bags of shrimp into a shopping cart, then handed the bags to the other woman, who put those bags into her canvas bag.

The bag of frozen salmon and shrimp then had $203 worth of stolen seafood in it.

The two then left the store with the bag and without paying.

On Sept. 5, the store reported the matter to police and showed the surveillance video to officers.

Steamed Shrimp picture by Rene Comet for US Government picture on Wikimedia Commons

Crooked — er, cooked.

Fishing Season at the Supermarket

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