Counterfeit $50 Bills Passed at Two Downtown Businesses

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Two downtown Darien businesses received fake $50 bills as payment from three men on Thursday, Nov. 30.

Darien police described what happened with this account:

The three men went to Gofer Ice Cream at 1020 Post Road and each used a fake bill to pay for ice cream costing less than $6 each. The change for those three transactions would  total $132 — a loss for the store on top of the loss of the ice cream.

The Darien police news release didn’t say what time the three men visited or give a description of any of the men other than to note their ethnicity. doesn’t publish information about a suspect’s ethnicity unless there’s a full description of the person for purposes of trying to identify a suspect. An email request for more information from a police spokesman early Tuesday morning went unanswered.

At another point on Nov. 30, police believe the same three men entered the Ten Twenty Post restaurant and bar in the same building, each ordering a drink costing $11.70 and each paying with a phony bill. The change for those three transactions would amount to $114.90. Again, the business also lost the value of the items sold.

The police spokesman didn’t respond to a request for information about when the suspects were at either location. The time of the report was given as 5 p.m., which usually refers to the first time the incident was reported to police.

This is not the first time counterfeit bills have been passed to Darien businesses this year. Here are three past cases, one involving the arrest of a woman accused of passing a bill in 2010:

The United States Secret Service was notified of the counterfeit bills, and the investigation is ongoing.