Two More Unlocked Vehicles Entered Overnight in Darien

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Before a slew of unlocked vehicles were entered overnight Saturday to Sunday, items were stolen from two others in Darien, the owners told police.

Here are the details of what happened and where, according to police reports:

1 Tulip Tree Lane, Sunday to Monday

Sometime overnight, Sunday to Monday, Aug. 13 to 14, a gray 2015 Ford Escape parked outside the house was entered and a briefcase with a laptop in it was taken.

On Monday morning, the owner realized that the SUV had been entered because the glove box had been left open, but didn’t realize anything had been taken. He thought he had probably left the vehicle unlocked.

Later on Monday, a neighbor told him that she found his briefcase in her yard, and he realized the laptop was missing from it. He reported the theft to police at 11 p.m. Police later went to neighbors to see if they’d heard, seen or knew of anything suspicious that night, but nothing resulted from that effort.

The police announcement did not have information on the value of the laptop or any more exact information on what time period the theft happened. Tulip Lane is nowhere near any other very recent entries into unlocked vehicles.

22 Dubois St, Thursday to Friday

A total of $130 in cash was reported stolen from a black 2016 BMW x3 that was unlocked and parked in the driveway of this Dubois Street home.

The theft from the unlocked car occurred sometime overnight Thursday to Friday and was reported to police at 3 p.m., Friday. The owner found the glove box opened when she returned to the car on Friday, she told police.

The police announcement had no more exact information on what time period the theft happened. Police spoke with neighbors but no new information resulted and no other vehicle entries were discovered from that effort.

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