Two Darien Households Buy Each Other’s Homes and Other Darien House Sales

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These properties recently were sold in Darien, according to records in the Town Clerk’s Office, including houses on Holmes Avenue and Huckleberry Lane, where the buyers of one are the sellers of the other:

68 Noroton 7-21-16

68 Noroton Ave., Darien

50 Gideon Lane — Anthony Goncalves to Daniel Hefels, sold July 11, filed July 14, $200,000

91 Hollow Tree Ridge Road — Thomas Hocker to Jason Rhodes and Christa Campbell, sold July 11, filed July 15, $1,100,000

68 Noroton Ave. — William Rowe and Mildred Rowe Irrevocable Trust to Kip Visi and Yajaira Visi, sold July 16, filed July 18, $621,000 — PICTURED

20 Ridgeview Ave. — Carol Flaherty and Ryan Flaherty to Ethan Bergsman and Francesca Bergsman, sold July 14, filed July 18, $768,000

128 Holmes Ave. — Todd Bortel and Jeanine Bortel to Victoria Bieler, John Rizza and Eileen Rizza, sold July 18, filed July 19, $1,190,000

42 Huckeleberry Lane — Andrew Bieler and Victoria Bieler to Todd Bortel and Jeanine Bortel, sold and filed July 18, $2,290,000

68 MapleSt. — Concord Property Management LLC of Darien to Fang Rong Zheng, sold July 15, filed July 19, $580,000


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