Twice in Three Days, Darien Packages Purloined from Porches



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Darien residents told police twice last week that packages left outside their homes on the west side of Darien (bot otherwise not especially close to each other) were missing.

The apparent thefts occurred within three days of each other, first on Kensett Lane, then on Holmes Ave., at homes that are a bit less than 2 miles apart.

Kensett Lane, Dec. 16

A Kensett Lane woman said that she was told through FedEx’s tracking service that the delivery company had delivered a package outside her home at 6:30 p.m., on Monday, Dec. 16. But when she checked, it wasn’t there.

She asked her neighbors if they had seen it and double-checked with FedEx, but none of that helped. The package held a sweater priced at $116.33. The next day, she reported the matter to police.

Holmes Avenue, Dec. 18

On Wednesday, Dec. 18, a Holmes Avenue resident told police that when she pulled into her driveway, she saw two packages on her doorstep.

She didn’t try to pick up the packages until about half an hour later, and by that time it was too late.

The packages held clothing valued at $88 and a child’s toy valued at $53.12 (a total of $141.12).

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