Police: Thief Foiled in Attempt to Get Package Delivered to Unoccupied House



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Perhaps the would-be thief didn’t know that FedEx drivers would be acting against company policy to leave packages on doorsteps without getting a signature with identification.

Perhaps he thought he could get the driver to give it to him anyway.

In any event, a potential porch pirate didn’t get a package that was addressed to a vacant house on Edmond Street and to a person who, naturally, doesn’t live there. In fact, as far as police know, no one with that name ever lived there.

Darien police gave this further description of the incident last Thursday, Dec. 12:

A FedEx driver arrived at the Edmond Street house with a package for that address and for a “Wei Zhang.” Finding no one to take the package, the driver turned around and was going back to his truck when a male approached him and asked for the package.

When the driver asked for identification, the male walked away. It is possible that the male, who was described as being black, was not “Wei Zhang.”

The male walked across an adjacent property and entered a car on Homestead Road. (The back end of Homestead Road is near the back end of Edmond Street.) The car, described as a black Toyota sedan, left the area.

The driver mentioned the incident to a man who was leaving his home on Herman Avenue. The man knew the Edmond Street home was unoccupied and called police at 10:42 a.m. (Herman Avenue is not near Edmond Street or Homestead Road. It is unclear from the police account how the man there knew about the vacancy on Edmond Street. Darienite.com has asked police for an explanation.)

Police went to the Edmond Street house, where they found a note, signed by “Wei Zhang,” on the door and instructing FedEx to leave the package on the doorstep.

It was determined that the box contained an Apple iPhone.

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