ID Theft Thwarted When Bank Employee Suspects Phony Driver’s License



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When an employee at Chase Bank at 165 Noroton Avenue looked at the Florida driver’s license a customer had provided as identification, it didn’t seem to be real.

The employee told the customer he was seizing the license and he would have to go to police to get it back.

That conversation at about 2:45 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 18, ended when the customer, who wanted to transfer $1,000 from one account to another, then turned around and left the bank.

The employee thought the driver’s license didn’t seem to be the right size or have the right watermarks on it.

The photo on the driver’s license was of the man in the bank, but when police checked the information on the license, they found it was associated with an actual man from Florida. Police contacted the man, who told them he’d never been to Connecticut.

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