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Democrats Pick Selectman Rob Richards to Contest First Selectman Office with Incumbent Jayme Stevenson

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Selectman Rob Richards was chosen by Democrats on Wednesday as their candidate for First Selectman, opposing incumbent Republican Jayme Stevenson. “My ability to solve problems and smile often has brought our community together and put to bed many longstanding issues,” Richards said in his acceptance speech to the town Democratic Caucus. Richards said he worked with both sides in two of the most contentious community disputes in the past couple of years: The conflict over bringing lights for night games at Darien High School and the battle over whether to have paramedics based in town full-time. In both cases, Richards said he sought out people from both sides, listened to their concerns and worked to promote a compromise or a settlement. “Rob is a listener, a thinker and problem solver,” said Democratic Town Chairman David Bayne in nominating Richards for the job.