Stop Sign Stolen at Darien Intersection

Darien Police SUV on Road

Police Car

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A stop sign was reported missing on Sunday, Feb. 26 at the intersection of Mansfield Avenue and Half Mile Road

The report to police from a town resident came in at 12:36 p.m. A temporary replacement was put up that day.

There was no indication that a motor vehicle accident resulted in the sign and its post being dislodged, like tire tracks leading up to the spot where the sign was, according to Darien police. There was no indication that the sign had been struck and dragged somewhere.

The cost of a stop sign and its post is only about $100 for the town; the cost of a collision if one had taken place would have been much more; and the cost of an accident with injuries, more than can be calculated with money.

The entrance to Ox Ridge School is about 600 feet to the south of the spot where the stop sign was stolen.

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