Republican Caucus Endorses Town Committee Slate, Board of Ed Chairman Bounced

Koons Stevenson Marks Republican slate 2017 election

Incumbent members of the Board of Selectmen were all endorsed by the caucus: Selectman Charles "Kip" Koons Jr., First Selectman Jayme Stevenson and Selectman Susan Marks

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No one challenged the slate of Republican candidates proposed by the Republican Town Committee at Tuesday night’s GOP Caucus, attended by fewer than 30 people in Town Hall Auditorium.

Dennis Maroney, currently the chairman of the Representative Town Meeting’s Education Committee, was endorsed by the town committee and now the caucus.

Board of Education Chairperson Michael Harman was not endorsed for re-election by the town committee and did not challenge that decision by becoming a petition candidate at the caucus. Board of Education member David Dineen was endorsed for re-election. Harman was the only incumbent rejected by the town committee.

Maroney, along with some other RTM members and at least one member of the Board of Finance, has complained about the Board of Education’s and district administration’s lack of communication with town boards in the past. He has also sometimes disagreed with Board of Education proposals to spend more on some projects.

The Darien Democratic Town Caucus is scheduled to be held Wednesday night, starting at 7:30 p.m. Here’s the entire Republican slate of candidates:

  • First Selectman: Jayme Stevenson
  • Board of Selectmen: Charles “Kip” Koons Jr. and Susan Marks
  • Town Clerk: Donna E. Rajczewski
  • Treasurer: Joan Hendrickson
  • Tax Collector: Kathleen Larkins
  • Board of Finance: Robert Cardone, Paul Hendrickson and Jon Zagrodzky
  • Board of Education: David Dineen and Dennis Maroney
  • Board of Assessment Appeals: Christopher Peters
  • Planning & Zoning Commission: Stephen Olvany, James Rand and John Sini Jr.
  • Constables: Louis J. Calastro and Joseph Tarnowsky Jr.


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