Zika Virus Information Meeting March 31 at Darien Library

mosquito https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Aedes_aegypti_biting_human.jpg


Aedes Aegyptae biting a human (U.S. Agriculture Dept. photo, via Wikimedia Commons)

Learn more about the Zika Virus from the town health director and a doctor who is medical advisor for the Darien Health Department at a Darien Library forum, 7 p.m., Thursday, March 31.

Here’s an announcement from the Darien Health Department about the forum:

mosquito https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Aedes_aegypti_biting_human.jpg


Aedes Aegyptae mosquito biting a human (U.S. Agriculture Dept. photo, via Wikimedia Commons). We don’t have this species of mosquito in Connecticut, but we do have another which is known to have carried it elsewhere.

Reports of travel-associated Zika virus disease cases continue to increase across mainland US. As of March 8, 2016, there have been 157 cases reported in Puerto Rico, with 9 hospitalizations.

Most days, you can’t turn on the news without hearing about this mosquito-borne disease. In an effort to answer questions and provide up to the minute information to the public, the Darien Library will sponsor a “Zika Virus Public Forum” beginning at 7:00 on March 31st featuring presentations by David Knauf, Darien Director of Health, and Caleb Moore, MD, the Health Department’s Medical Advisor.

David Knauf and Caleb Moore have been serving the town in their current capacities since 2008. The mission of the Health Department is to prevent disease by promoting a safe community and healthy environment to all residents and visitors, while upholding public health based regulations which protect the quality of life.

One important component of their work is to provide timely advice to residents on protecting the health of themselves and their families. Plan on attending this timely discussion to be moderated by Jim Cameron of Channel 79 at the Darien Library.

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Darien Republican Party 2017


You Can Apply To Be a Member of the Darien Republican Town Committee

The Darien Republican Town Committee has appointed a Nominating Committee that will recruit and interview candidates interested in serving on the RTC during the next term, which runs from March 2018 to March 2020. _________

— an announcement from the Darien Republican Town Committee


The Nominating Committee will select a slate of up to 21 individuals who will be recommended to the Darien Republican Caucus on Thursday, Jan. 11. The Republican Town Committee and its members have the following responsibilities:

• Recruit Darien Republicans to run for elected and appointed offices in town,

• Support and fundraise for local, state and federal candidates, and

• Raise awareness within the Darien community about important local and state issues and how they impact the town and its residents. Those individuals interested in interviewing with the committee can obtain additional information and a candidate application at www.darienrtc.com.

Koons Stevenson Marks Republican slate 2017 election

Republican Caucus Endorses Town Committee Slate, Board of Ed Chairman Bounced

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No one challenged the slate of Republican candidates proposed by the Republican Town Committee at Tuesday night’s GOP Caucus, attended by fewer than 30 people in Town Hall Auditorium. Dennis Maroney, currently the chairman of the Representative Town Meeting’s Education Committee, was endorsed by the town committee and now the caucus. Board of Education Chairperson Michael Harman was not endorsed for re-election by the town committee and did not challenge that decision by becoming a petition candidate at the caucus. Board of Education member David Dineen was endorsed for re-election. Harman was the only incumbent rejected by the town committee.