Re-elect GOP Selectmen for Difficult Times Ahead

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To the editor,

We are lucky to have such an experienced and committed team of Republican town leaders in Darien like First Selectman Jayme Stevenson, Selectman Susan Marks and Selectman Kip Koons.

We need their steady hands and clear thinking more than ever to navigate our town through the difficult times ahead.

Connecticut is facing significant and widespread financial difficulties. Hartford is already seeking to push some of this burden down to well-managed towns like Darien.

Fortunately, our town leaders have had the foresight to begin preparing for this by working hard to strengthen Darien’s financial position, helping us become more self-sufficient. They’ve been investing in our infrastructure, improving our schools, and building our business community, too.

By fighting for local control and pushing back on expanding state-mandates and regional government expansion, Jayme, Susan and Kip are working hard to help preserve those things we all love about Darien.

Meg and David Orner


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