Letter: Pam Sparkman Is Uniquely Qualified for the Board of Selectmen

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To the editor:

With the financial woes of our state effecting the Darien school system, it is more important to have someone on the Board of Selectman who is in tune with the needs of Darien students and parents.  Pam Sparkman is uniquely qualified to be that voice. 

Pam has children currently enrolled in Darien schools, and an extensive professional background in education. She has worked as a director of admissions at several schools, and currently serves on the education committee for the Representative Town Meeting.  She has also had educational research published in academic papers.

Pam has spent her career in education focused on the arts. She would like to see Darien become more active by having art festivals, concerts, and other events that celebrate Darien’s vibrant culture. Pam’s expertise is exceeded by her work ethic to realize her goals. I hope you join me in voting for Pam Sparkman for Board of Selectman.

Pam is also a great friend and I can tell you from a personal perspective, she manages to juggle family, a full time job and her political responsibilities.  She is an amazing person and she can count on your vote.

Laura Pesce-Gray

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