Police: Juvenile Stole Items Priced at $340 from Downtown Store

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Alerted by a clerk in the Kirby Girl store at 14 Brook St., downtown that a shoplifter had just left, Darien police located the person matching the clerk’s description just blocks away. The suspect is a juvenile.

Darien police didn’t describe the juvenile in any way, other than to say he or she is from New Canaan. Here’s how police described what happened, including accusations not proven in court:

The clerk saw the juvenile, who was not described further in a police announcement, other than to say that he or she is a New Canaan resident. Police, who didn’t give any further description of the juvenile other than to say he or she is from New Canaan, said the suspect admitted to being in the store and stealing from it.

Store employees told police that the suspect had been seen putting items for sale in an open bag. When approached by employees, the juvenile began to speak on the phone and walked out the front door. A store surveillance camera also showed someone who appeared to be the suspect concealing items in a bag.

At about 3 p.m., a store employee called police to tell them that the suspect had just left. Officers in the area got a description of the juvenile and found him or her not far away, at the intersection of the Post Road and Center Street.

When questioned, the suspect admitted to being in the establishment and taking items without paying for them. The items in question were in the bag they had on their person. Store employees relayed to officers that the suspect had been observed placing items in an open-top bag.

A police statement said the exact value of the merchandise was unknown, but it was estimated that the total was about $340.

Police took the juvenile to Police Headquarters, where the child’s parent was contacted. The suspect is charged with second-degree larceny. A juvenile summons was issued for the suspect to appear later in state Superior Court in Stamford, and he or she was released to the parent.

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