Police: If There’s a Sidewalk Available and You’re On Your Feet, You Need to Use It — by State Law

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Darien police issued a reminder on Facebook recently: If you’re walking or jogging, state law says you need to use the sidewalk when one is available.

Here’s what the department’s message said:

With the nicer weather upon us, we wanted to take the opportunity to remind our walkers/joggers of an important law in order to ensure their safety:

  • 14-300c:
    No pedestrian shall walk along and upon a roadway where a sidewalk adjacent to such roadway is provided and the use thereof is practicable. Where a sidewalk is not provided adjacent to a roadway each pedestrian walking along and upon such roadway shall walk only on the shoulder thereof and as far as practicable from the edge of such roadway.

What this means for you: If there is a sidewalk readily available to you when you walk/jog, you must use it (stay out of roadway). If there is no sidewalk, you must be completely in the shoulder of the roadway. Please keep this in mind next time you’re out on our roads to ensure the safety of both pedestrians and motorists.

Enjoy this beautiful weather!

P.D. message use the sidewalk

Image from Darien PD.. on Facebook

Use the sidewalk or, if there isn\’t one available, the side of the road.

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