Police: Driver, 19, with Pot, No Registration, No Insurance, Wrong Plates

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According to police, an officer saw the first sign of trouble when she noticed the 2003 Jaguar headed west on the Post Road was missing a front license plate; the second was when the back license plate was found to be registered to a Toyota Camry.

The third, police said, was when she had the car pull over, then smelled the strong odor of marijuana as she walked toward it.

Darien police described what happened with this account, including accusations not proven in court:

At about 12:03 p.m. on Sunday, June 18, the officer conducted a motor vehicle stop, making contact with the driver, who had been heading west on the Post Road near Exit 13.

Leslie Silva and K-9 Kenny Yelllow Lab Labrador Retriever 06-01-17

Photo from Darien Police Department

Officer Leslie Silva with Kenny, a recent addition to the Darien police force.

The driver of the 2003 X-Type Jaguar, a 19-year-old Norwalk man, told the officer that he didn’t have a driver’s license and had just bought the car, which he said was neither registered nor insured. He said he borrowed the license plate from a friend so he could drive the car.

When asked about the smell of pot, he gave the officer a small plastic baggie and a prescription-pill container, both of which held marijuana. The driver said there wasn’t any more marijuana in the car.

Darien police dog Kenny was called in and started sniffing around the car. The K-9 indicated there was something in several areas inside. When police searched, they found 18 empty containers issued by a dispensory for medical marijuana, and some other containers with marijuana residue on them.


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There was also a vaporizer pen with marijuana residue in it. The driver said he used it to smoke hash oil, a marijuana byproduct. The driver said he bought the marijuana from a friend who has a legal prescription for it.

He was charged with possession of less than four ounces of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to insure a motor vehicle, improper use of a license plate and driving an unregistered motor vehicle.

He was released on a promise to appear June 28 in state Superior Court in Stamford.


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