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Darien Police: Three New York Men in a Bank Parking Lot Caught With Fake Credit Cards

Darien Police Department
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Three men in a BMW loitering in a bank parking lot were questioned by police last Thursday, and when a police dog indicated there were narcotics inside the car, police found marijuana and fake credit cards, Darien police said. Although two of the men ran off, they were captured. All three are teenagers; two from Queens, the other from near Queens on Long Island. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Police: Driver, 19, with Pot, No Registration, No Insurance, Wrong Plates

Leslie Silva and K-9 Kenny Yelllow Lab Labrador Retriever 06-01-17
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According to police, an officer saw the first sign of trouble when she noticed the 2003 Jaguar headed west on the Post Road was missing a front license plate; the second was when the back license plate was found to be registered to a Toyota Camry. The third, police said, was when she had the car pull over, then smelled the strong odor of marijuana as she walked toward it. (more…) Continue Reading →

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