Police: Dispatcher Hears Yelling for Help in 911 Call, Leading to Arrest of Darien Man

Darien Police Department
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As sometimes happens with 911 calls, no one spoke directly to a Darien police dispatcher who received a call at 12:49 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 4. More unusual was what happened this time: According to police, the dispatcher heard people arguing, with one of them yelling for help.

Darien police described what happened with this additional account (including accusations not proven in court):

Since no one was telling the dispatcher where the emergency was taking place, the dispatcher traced the location, and officers went to the scene — a home on Old Farm Road in the Tokeneke section of town.

There they met with a resident who said he had been in an argument with the victim, who had left. The man said that he and the victim had “grabbed each other’s phones.”

Police were able to locate the victim (they didn’t say how) at a local restaurant.

  • (Police are prohibited by state law from releasing information on victims, including age, sex or relationship to an arrested person. Darienite.com doesn’t name victims or arrestees, except in more serious incidents.)

According to the victim:

  • The victim had an argument with the man and grabbed his phone.
  • The man then flailed his arms and grabbed the victims phone while the victim was trying to call 911.
  • At one point, the man then grabbed the victim’s throat.

Police saw minor injuries on and around the victim’s throat.

The man was arrested on charges of third-degree strangulation, third-degree assault and interfering with an emergency call — all misdemeanors.

His bond was set at $2,500. At some point, he was released from custody after posting the bond. He was told to appear the next day, Jan. 5 in state Superior Court in Stamford. His next court date is Feb. 1.

Update 12:35 p.m.: The man is 58 years old, a police spokesman said Wednesday. Initial accounts published elsewhere gave an incorrect birth date based on the original news release.


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