Police: Darien Woman, 51, Charged After Twice Slamming Car Door on Ex-Family Member



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A 51-year-old woman in the Darien YMCA slammed a car door twice on a family member, hurting the victim’s hand and leg, police said.

Darien police described the matter with this account (with accusations not proven in court):

According to the victim (who can’t be described under a state domestic violence law):

The woman was at the parking lot to exchange children she has in common with the victim and got into an argument with the victim. An argument began, and the woman leaned on the victim’s car door, preventing the victim from leaving.

The victim twice managed to get the door open, but each time, the woman pushed back, catching the victim’s hand the first time and the victim’s leg the second time. Police didn’t see a mark on the victim’s hand, but the knee had a bruise.

The victim told the woman that police would be called, and she left the scene.

According to the woman: She said the victim forcibly opened the door, pushing it against her, and she reacted by pushing the door back so she wouldn’t get hurt.

Police issued the woman a misdemeanor summons on charges of disorderly conduct and third-degree assault. She was scheduled to appear Monday in state Superior Court in Stamford. Her next court date is in June.

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