Traffic, Parking, Other Rules for Those Attending Turkey Bowl Game on Thanksgiving


After the 2014 Turkey Bowl (Darien Athletic Foundation photo)

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The 2019 Darien-New Canaan Turkey Bowl starts at 10 a.m., Thanksgiving morning at Darien High School, and for the 4,000 people with tickets, there are rules about where to park and how to get onto the high school campus.

After the 2014 Turkey Bowl (Darien Athletic Foundation photo)

Expect delays in traffic, so give yourself plenty of time.

If you’re one of the lucky people parking on the campus, you got your parking pass with your tickets. Don’t forget to bring it.

If you don’t have a parking pass (or forgot to bring it or you lost it or the dog ate it or you left it in your unlocked car and it was stolen overnight), you’re not going to get in. There are several parking lots you can use (see the announcement below for which ones).

Rams Can't Swim towels Community Fund of Darien 2019

Photo from the Community Fund of Darien

“Rams Can’t Swim” rally towels for the Turkey Bowl were on sale recently, outside Darien Sport Shop. From left: Ted Brennan, Lucy Brennan, Sophie Smith and Cabot Smith, volunteers with the Community Fund of Darien are showing you what the towels with the wise words look like.

Darien Blue Wave Football tweet Nov 20 2019 Weed Beach tix

Notice that the line snakes off into the distance in the middle of the photo, taken at Weed Beach: “Thanks to all the fans for braving the weather — especially those at the front of the line that waited for four hours!!” Darien Blue Wave Football tweet on Nov. 20.

If you’re parking at Middlesex Middle School or the Noroton Heights Railroad Station, a shuttle bus service (from the “northbound, lower-level lot” — the side of the tracks nearest the highway) can take you to the high school, starting at 9 a.m.

If you’re parking on campus, you can drive in after 8:30 a.m., and only through the Noroton Avenue entrance. The others will be closed to vehicle traffic. Have your parking pass on the dashboard, where police can see it, as you enter.

The Darien Athletic Foundation’s live coverage will be an alternative for those who are not able to purchase tickets due to limitations in seating.

The police announcement below doesn’t mention it, but an earlier announcement from the high school said, “No tailgating will be permitted on any Darien school campuses, per the Darien Police Department.”

  • One tip: Be nice to the New Canaan fans, before, during and after the game. Don’t make memories of bad behavior compete with memories of Darien’s rightful, inevitable victory. Tell your kids that.

Darien Police Announcement

Here’s the police announcement, with more information:

Due to the traditionally large turnout for the Thanksgiving Day football game between Darien and New Canaan High Schools, the Darien Police Department advises that the following traffic regulations are being put into effect for the area surrounding Darien High School on Thanksgiving morning, Nov. 28, 2019.

Those attending should plan for traffic delays and needing extra time to arrive at this event. All vehicle traffic will enter the DHS campus via Noroton Avenue. High School Lane and Nutmeg Lane will be closed to incoming vehicle traffic at 7 a.m.

Turkey Bowl t-shirt being sold 2019

Darien Blue Wave Football tweet, Nov. 19, 2019

Football captains’ moms selling the official Turkey Bowl t-shirt.

Those walking to the event will be permitted to enter at these locations.

Parking on campus is limited and will be available only to those who have the issued event parking passes. Only vehicles displaying the issued event parking pass on the dashboard will be permitted to enter the Darien High School campus beginning at 8:30 a.m.

Vehicles without a parking pass are required to park at one of the satellite parking locations at Frate Park (Leroy Avenue), St. Thomas More Church, Middlesex School, or the Noroton Heights Train Station.

Photo from Darien Blue Wave Football on Twitter

Tweet from Darien Blue Wave Football on Twitter: On Thursday night, Nov. 22, “Coach [Rob] Trifone was honored at the induction dinner for the Connecticut High School Coaches Association’s Hall of Fame. Last week, T logged his 250th win in his 41-year high school coaching career. Congrats, T!!!”

A shuttle service will be in use from Middlesex School and the Noroton Heights Train Station (northbound lower-level lot) beginning at 9 a.m.

Game admission tickets and parking passes are sold out and are no longer available for this event.

Temporary stands at the stadium Turkey Bowl 2019

Two of the temporary stands had arrived at DHS Stadium by last Monday, Nov. 18.

A handicap permit is required to park in the limited number of handicap parking spaces available. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Parking regulations and designated tow away zones will be strictly enforced. Previous experiences have resulted in illegally parked vehicles blocking driveways or restricting access to emergency vehicles. Vehicles causing these types of hazards will be towed.

— This article originally was published Nov. 24. The time stamp has been changed to put the link back on the home page.

Saturday before Turkey Bowl win 2019

Photo from Darien Blue Wave Football on Twitter, Nov. 16, 2019

Don’t forget.

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