Now Installed on the Post Road: Four ‘Dynamic’ Speed Signs Showing How Fast You’re Going

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In the last 10 days, three “dynamic” speed signs, showing how fast a driver is going, have been installed at various spots along the Post Road, joining one that was installed about a month ago.

“The feedback from the public thus far has been off the charts,” Darien Police Capt. Donald Anderson told the Police Commission on Wednesday. “They apparently are working very well.”

When and Where

The first one was installed about a month ago for westbound traffic just before the intersection of the Post Road and Renshaw Road (just before coming to Spring Grove Cemetery).

In the past 10 days or so, all along the Post Road, another was installed, for eastbound traffic, near the Darien YMCA. A third (also for eastbound traffic) was put up near Duffy’s Lane. A fourth, for westbound traffic, went up in front of the Jaguar Darien dealership, not far from Thorndal Circle.

The signs are meant to remind drivers how fast they’re going — and they implicitly remind drivers to lighten up on the gas pedal.

Town officials need the approval of the state Department of Transportation to install the signs on a state road. The town Department of Public Works put up the signs, which appear to have solar panels on top to power them.

Where Next?

Asked where in town future signs might be placed, Anderson said the town might ask for permission to put two signs on Mansfield Avenue and then on Tokeneke Road. Commission Chairman Paul Johnson said Middlesex Road could use more.

The Police Department also has mobile signs that can be towed and parked along streets on a temporary basis.

“We post them where we get complaints,” Police Chief Ray Osborne said.

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