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More letters to the editor about State Rep. Terrie Wood, a Republican, and her challenger, Democrat Randy Klein (deadline for election letters is end of day Oct. 31):

Klein Will Be Good for Education

To the editor:


Two-cent U.S. postage stamp. You, too can get your two cent’s worth in with a letter to the editor published by Email it to

Darien receives education dollars from the state through the Education Cost Sharing and Excess Cost Grant systems. Last May, cuts in funding proposed at the last minute, rightfully raised the concern of parents, elected officials, students and teachers in our school district.

These cuts were eventually restored, but with the current state of the budget, there is no guarantee that Darien, Rowayton or Norwalk will be left untouched by future cuts or changes in how the above-referenced systems allocate funds.

The Education Cost Sharing system is ripe for reform, and we will need a seat at the table when it is reformed. More importantly, the money we receive through the Excess Cost Grant system to defray the costs of special education, must be protected.

That is why I am supporting Randy Klein for state representative and his common sense approach to making sure Darien’s students get their fair share.

What’s his plan? Simple: (1) Identify priorities with local officials, parents and stakeholders (2) advocate for those priorities so that Hartford understands the impact its decisions have in our classrooms and (3) constantly update our community so that we have a realistic understanding of what funds we will receive, instead of being caught off guard by surprise cuts at the 11th hour.

Randy will stand up for our children’s futures, and that is why I will vote for him for state representative on Nov. 8.

Susan LeHan

Wood Reaches Across the Partisan Divide

To the editor:

President John F. Kennedy once said, “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer.”  Terrie Wood does just this.  Unlike most Republicans in Washington who do the bidding of major corporations or most Democrats in Hartford whose ties to state unions have created a fiscal mess, Terrie has a clear-eyed focus on what is best for our citizens.

The upcoming legislative term is going to be critical for our state’s future.  We must find ways to cut back on government spending, reform our estate tax laws to encourage people to stay in Connecticut, privatize the DMV and secure new revenue streams that do not drive away local businesses.

Terrie, who works well with Republicans and Democrats alike, can help us accomplish these goals.  As an independent, I am proud to support her re-election effort.

Joe Pankowski


Klein Will Fight for an Air-Tight Transportation Lock Box

To the Editor:

From 2008 to the present day our four-term, eight-year incumbent state representative has been making the same promises without delivering real results.

Transportation, our budget, and government pensions continue to be a drag on our state, and Darien still only receives half a penny back for every dollar we send to Hartford.

We don’t elect leaders to talk about problems, we elect them to solve problems, and after eight years it’s time for a change. That is why I am supporting Randy Klein for state representative this time around.

Randy will be a new and strong voice for us in Hartford, and will fight to make sure an air-tight transportation lock box is no longer a political talking point but a reality that will benefit Darien’s commuters. It’s about time government got back to business.  Let’s elect Randy Klein for state representative.

Charles Baldwin

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