Mansfield Ave House Sells for $2 Million and Other Darien Home Sales

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These properties recently were sold in Darien, according to records in the Town Clerk’s Office:

Bates-Scofield House Darien Historical Society

One of the oldest houses in Darien: The Bates-Scofield House — now home to the Darien Historical Society. (And no, this house wasn’t sold. We just use the picture sometimes.)

—355 West Ave. — Thomas Carruthers and Linda Carruthers to Henry Dillon and Kelly Marchesi, sold Oct. 24, filed Oct. 26, $735,000

—93 Mansfield Ave. — David Jones Jr. and Robyn Jones to Brad Bowman and Serena Bowman, sold Oct. 19, filed Oct. 30, $2,000,000

—43 Greenwood Ave. — U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Trevor Terpening, filed Oct. 30, $490,000

—1 Queens Lane — Gregory Lemone to James Yarish and Wendy Yarish, sold Oct. 30, filed Oct. 31, $930,000


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