Briar Brae Road Home Goes for $1,645,000 and Other Darien Home Sales

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These properties recently were sold in Darien, according to records in the Town Clerk’s Office:

19 Briar Brae

19 Briar Brae Road, Darien


—19 Briar Brae Road — David Baruch and Kathryn Baruch to Peter Van Hengal and Stephanie Van Hengal, sold Sept. 26, filed Oct. 4, $1,645,000 — PICTURED

—2 Tommy’s Lane — Anthony Festa to Steven Micolo and Lisa Micolo, sold Sept. 21, filed Oct. 5, $730,000

—230 Long Neck Point Road — Generva Lodge to Ricardo De Bedout and Johanna Cubillos, sold Oct. 1, filed Oct. 5, $6,700,000

—17 Raiders Lane — Old Sunswyck Road LLC of 43 Mansfield Ave. to George Marshman and Sidney Marshman, sold Oct. 4, filed Oct. 9, $1,475,000

—16 Ward Lane, Unit 31 — Michael Grogan and Janet Fitzsimons to Joseph Cordi and Jillian Passione, sold Oct. 9, filed Oct. 10, $668,000


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