Letter: YMCA Drive for Human Services Household Goods Closet a Success

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Dear Nancy,

Your “Spring Cleaning Drive” was quite a success! In lieu of paying a joiner’s fee, new members of the YMCA were invited to bring in a cleaning supply or household good item to benefit the Darien Human Services Household Goods Closet which helps eligible Darien families and individuals.

The response of your new members was overwhelming! With these donations, we were able to stock the shelves of our closet with much-needed cleaning supplies, paper goods, and personal grooming products.

We really appreciate the continued support that the YMCA and its members have shown to the town of Darien and its residents.

Your organization’s thoughtfulness and generosity is much appreciated by both our office and the clients we serve.

Sincerely yours,

Ali Ramsteck, LCSW

Director, Darien Human Services

This letter was sent by Ali Ramstek to Nancy Sweeney, office manager at the Darien YMCA.

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