Letter: Terrie Wood Is Open-Minded, Able to Work Across the Aisle

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To the editor:

Our community is so fortunate to have Terrie Wood as our state representative for the 141st District – Norwalk and Darien.


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Her ability to work across the aisle, be open-minded, balanced and thoughtful in creating state policies to truly represent all of her constituents is what makes her such an effective leader.

Connecticut’s current state of crisis requires responsible politicians like Terrie. Her focus on common sense solutions is the type of leadership that will help stabilize our economy and create an environment for growth in our state.

Terrie also understands our communities and the evolving needs for improved education, healthcare, transportation and environmental policies which will ensure a better future for all of us and our children.

Let’s help fix Connecticut by voting for Terrie Wood on Nov. 6.

Adrienne Kelly
Sherry Lane

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