Jewelry, Perhaps Other Items Taken from Searles Road Home While Owner Away



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Sometime in the two weeks before Halloween, a home on Searles Road in Tokeneke was broken into and jewelry was stolen while residents were away for an extended period, Darien police were told.

Police gave this account of what happened:

A caretaker who was checking the property about once every two weeks while the owners were in Florida told police at 8:46 a.m. on Oct. 31 that the home had been entered. She hadn’t been to the house since Oct. 17 when she pulled into the driveway Halloween morning and saw the front door ajar.

Police did not say whether or not the home had a burglar alarm.

When the woman parked her car she saw that a ground-floor window at the back of the house had been broken out. Police checked inside the home for any intruders, but didn’t find any.

Police detectives visited the house to look for evidence. Several items of jewelry had been taken, but with the homeowners away, it couldn’t be determined just how much and what the stolen items were worth.

Searles Road is roughly in the middle of the private roads in the Tokeneke section of town. Anyone driving to or from the Tokeneke Club needs to use at least part of the road.

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