In Just Minutes, Leaving Purse in Movie Theater Costs Woman the $200 That Was in It



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A woman watching a movie with her daughter at Darien Playhouse on Friday left her purse behind when they got up to leave, and while she realized what happened even before she left the building and got the purse — $200 in it was already gone, she told police.

UPDATE, Thursday: At Wednesday’s Police Commission meeting, Police Chief Raymond Osborne said credit cards were also taken from the purse.

Here’s how police described what happened:

The mother and daughter watched a movie that started at 6 p.m., ending at 7:50. At that point, they left and visited the bathroom before leaving. The woman realized that she no longer had her purse with her.

She went to employees of the theater at 1075 Post Road, who told her the purse had been found, and they gave it back to her.

But her wallet wasn’t in it.

An employee later found the wallet. It still had various bank cards and her driver’s license in it, but not the $200.


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