House Burglarized on Old Farm Road Sometime From Sunday to Tuesday, Aug 11 to 13



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A homeowner arrived at his Old Farm Road house at 11 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 13 and found a closet door that had been closed was left open and, when going to his bedroom, found all of his dresser drawers open.

At 11:03 p.m., he called police to report a burglary.

When officers arrived, they saw a broken window pane at the entry door, which looked like the way the burglar got in. Police found the owner in his bedroom and they searched the house.

No one had been at home since Sunday, Aug. 11, the man told police, and the house is currently for sale. That night, the man wasn’t able to figure out if anything had been stolen.

(From that Sunday night to Monday morning, in a different part of town, several motor vehicles were entered, part of the period when the burglary may have taken place, although the house was broken into, and it appeared none of the motor vehicles were.)

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