Highfield Lane House Sells for $1,280,000 and Other Darien Home Sales

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These properties recently were sold in Darien, according to records in the Town Clerk’s Office:

31 Highfield Ln real estate sale

31 Highfield Lane, Darien


—25 Hale Lane — Katharine Wilson to Joan Casolo, sold Sept. 5, filed Sept. 6, $440,000

—65 Maywood Road  Ninety Pear Tree Point Road LLC of 200 Business Park Dr., Armonk, NY to David Lane and Paula Sirowich, sold Sept. 13, filed same day, $1,124,500

—2 Dubois St. — James Rumsey and Carol Rumsey to Scott Strother and Amanda Warren, sold Sept. 4, filed Sept. 13, $825,000

—188 Nearwater Lane — Robert McNell II to Jessica McKinney and Ryan McKinney, sold Aug. 9, filed Sept. 14, $1,000,000

—16 Fairfield Ave. — John Houlihan Jr., M. Cynthia Houlihan and Sarah Kent to Christopher Condon and Laura Condon, sold Sept. 14, filed same day, $697,000

—7 Settlers Trail — Carolyn Evers (on Aug. 28) and the Charles J. Evers Revocable Trust (on Sept. 10) (in two equal transactions, one from each seller) to Charles Fiordalis and Kristen Croker-Fiordalis, filed Sept. 17, $1,283,000

—11 Cherry St. — Charles Fiordalis and Kristen Croker-Fiordalis to Sarah Kent and John Houlihan, sold Sept. 7, filed Sept. 17, $970,000

—12 Ledge Road — Richard Gentile to Humberto Figueroa, sold Sept. 12, filed Sept. 18, $650,000

—31 Highfield Lane — Charles Connell and Michele Proulx to Jose Pullopilly and Meena Pullopilly, sold Sept. 12, filed Sept. 18, $1,280,000 — PICTURED

—15 Thomasina Lane — Jaymie Pavolonis and Craig Pavolonis to Walter Varian and Patricia Varian, sold Aug. 11, filed Sept. 18, $975,000


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