Here’s Where the Latest Thefts from Vehicles Took Place in Darien

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On the back of Darien Police patrol cars: "Lock your car. every time. Everywhere."

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Police last week received these two reports of motor vehicles entered and items stolen from them. As usual, the vehicles hadn’t been locked.

St. Nicholas Road

A purse was stolen from 18-year-old Cross River, N.Y. woman after she left it in a gray 2002 Lexus LS parked Thursday evening, June 8, outside a home on St. Nicholas Road. The victim had she left the home in a friend’s vehicle at about 7:30 p.m.

When she later returned to New York, she realized her handbag was missing and must have been stolen from the car.

The black American Eagle brand handbag, valued at $100, contained a turquoise Tory Burch brand wallet (avalued at $100), a car key fob with keys (valued at $60) and Ray Ban sunglasses (valued at $100).

The woman met with police at Darien Police Headquarters on Sunday, June 11, to give a detailed account of the matter.

Police asked neighbors if they’d seen, heard of or knew anything suspicious, but nobody had. Police have no suspects.

Vehicle Accidents

In unrelated news, Darien police report 14 motor vehicle collisions were investigated during the week, one of which involved a minor injury.  

Walmsley Road

Sometime between the evening of May 31 and the next morning, a tan 2006 Hyundai Elantra parked near 6 Walmsley Road was entered and a pair of prescription eyeglasses valued at $100 was taken from it.

A neighbor found paperwork from the car in the area and told the owner.

Police asked neighbors if they heard, saw or knew of anything connected to the theft, but that effort turned up no new information. Police have no suspects.

The owner was away, which resulted in the incident not being reported to police until June 5.

Police Chief Ray Osborne’s Two Requests to Residents

From a statement to the public from Darien Police Chief Ray Osborne six weeks ago, on May 1:

As many residents are aware, the Town of Darien, as well as almost every other municipality in Fairfield County, has been inundated with thefts from motor vehicles over the last six months or more.

In virtually all of the incidents, the vehicles involved have been left unlocked. For quite some time, the Darien Police Department has been diligently asking all residents, through press releases, social media postings and face to face contacts to lock their cars, no matter where or when they are parked. […]

We also ask residents to make immediate notification to the police department if they see suspicious activity or are the victim of a motor vehicle burglary (or any other crime).

In the recent past, we have investigated incidents where residents have seen suspicious individuals in their driveway or their neighborhood or found that their vehicles had been entered in the middle of the night. In these cases, the residents did not contact the police department at the time of their observations.

The probability of apprehending a perpetrator increases significantly if the Police Department receives immediate notification of suspicious activity in the area.


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