Unlocked Car Entered at Restaurant Parking Lot

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A 45-year-old Greenwich man forgot to lock his gray 2014 BMW 550xi in the parking lot of Shake Shack late one recent afternoon and returned to it about 20 minutes later.

In that 20 minutes, someone entered it and riffled through the glove box, leaving papers on the car floor. It seemed nothing had been taken.

The owner parked the car in the back part of the Shake Shack lot near Old Kings Highway South at about 4:10 p.m. on Thursday, May 4. By 5:13 p.m., police were called, but when they arrived, the man had already driven off. Police were able to call him and talk with him.



The victim told police he’d seen a “black Ford Crown Victoria” parked near his car, but police have no evidence to connect that vehicle with the incident.

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