Here’s When Darien’s & Area Towns’ Household Hazardous Waste Days Take Place

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Darien residents can go to any of these Household Hazardous Waste Day dropoff programs to get rid of stuff if you don’t want to wait for (or miss) Darien’s June 3 drop-off day.

Household Hazardous Picture

Photo by Joe Mabel as posted on Wikimedia Commons

North Seattle Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility, Seattle, Wash.

If you’ve already got some household hazardous waste you’re itching to get rid of, start putting it aside.

The first of the drop-off programs takes place April 29 in Weston, the next is on May 6 in Greenwich. The last one is Oct. 28 in Wilton.

Here’s the full list (and you can also find it here):

Household Hazardous Waste Days 2017 04-08-17Household Hazardous Waste Day Part 2 of 2 04-08-17

You can find out more here on what you can and can’t drop off at the Darien Household Hazardous Waste Day program on June 3.

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