Darien Republican Town Committee Platform: These Are Our Key Priorities

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Keeping local control and using town resources efficiently are among the “key priorities” in the 2015 election platform just issued by the Darien Republican Town Committee.

The committee also urged voters to support its candidates in the Nov. 3 election in the following announcement:

The Darien Republican Town Committee endorses an excellent list of candidates who
exemplify the Republican Town Committee Platform as follows:

The Town of Darien is a mature, fully developed community consisting of several local commercial districts, a wide variety of low to higher density residential sub communities, a top grade public educational system, and a recreational infrastructure that
includes public beaches and parks as well as several private club facilities. As
the Town has evolved over many years, so has its utility and traffic  infrastructure
much of which has been sized to accommodate existing residential density,
commercial development and transit related issues.

Key priorities:

  • Maintain local control and efficient use of town resources;
  • Continue to actively engage with the newly formed regional Council of Governments;
  • Maintain the residential design and architecture of the town consistent with the Town
    Plan of Conservation and Development and the zoning regulations;
  • Promote value-added redevelopment of outdated commercial, retail and residential
  • Promote the highest educational standards in our public schools including those
    for special needs children;
  • Maintain and enhance existing town property resources consistent with community
  • Maintain and enhance Darien’s financial health and access to capital resources;
  • Promote a variety of residential housing for the community, including affordable
    housing, consistent with the town’s zoning regulations and infrastructure

Please join us on Nov. 3 and vote for Jayme Stevenson/ First Selectman; Susan Marks and Kip Koons/Selectmen, Donna Rajczewski/Town Clerk; Joan Hendrickson/Town Treasurer; Kathleen Larkins/Tax Collector; James McLaughlin and James Palen/Board of Finance; Sarah Schneider-Zuro and Elizabeth Hagerty-Ross/Board of Education; Richard Dolcetti/Board of Assessment Appeals; Susan Cameron and Richard DiDonna/Planning & Zoning Commission; Joseph Tarnowski and Louis Calastro/Constables.

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