Darien EMS-Post 53 Appoints New Executive Director, First Paid One

Joe Larcheveque Lisa Herling

Photo from Darien EMS-Post 53

New Post 53 Director Joe Larcheveque and Nancy Herling, who stepped down from the job.

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Darien EMS-Post 53 announced that Joe Larcheveque has been named executive director, effective Oct. 1, replacing Nancy Herling. 

Larcheveque is the ninth person to serve as director in the 48-year history of Post 53 and the first paid executive director of the volunteer ambulance service.

Experience in EMS Work and Elsewhere

He comes to Post 53 from Stamford EMS, where he has been deputy chief and director of training for more than 25 years, since that organization was founded in a reorganization of Stamford’s ambulance services.

He has also served as Post 53’s clinical advisor for quality assurance and training since 1995.

Larcheveque was welcomed to Post 53 by Jay Wood, chairman of the Board and additional board members at a ceremony on Sept. 23.

In his quality assurance role, Larcheveque has reviewed patient outcomes in the emergency room following pre-hospital care to evaluate the diagnosis and subsequent treatment, and to determine how Post 53 can improve future treatment in similar emergencies.

“We are so pleased to welcome Joe in this role as our first paid executive director,” said Wood. “Having someone with his expertise and training leading the organization full-time is yet another step in our continued evolution, building on all that Nancy Herling has achieved over the last three years volunteering in the role. This is a great testament to how our community relies on Post 53 and we’re proud to meet that challenge.”

Larcheveque is a former member of the Bridgeport Board of Education, and chairman for a year, until he stepped down last December.

When he was running for election in 2013, the Connecticut Post endorsed him, saying: “Joe Larcheveque is a Republican candidate. He is even-tempered, reasoned and the father of children in the system. A Republican voice on this school board would be a good addition, and he has a strong grasp of the issues at stake.”

Herling Steps Down

Wood thanked Herling who stepped down as director on Oct. 1. Herling served as a member of Post 53 during her high school years at Darien High School and rejoined again in 2007.

She is an EMT, EMS instructor, a CPR instructor, ambulance driver, member of the Post 53 Board, and for the past three years, starting in early 2016, served as the director.

“Nancy’s dedication has been very much appreciated by all of us connected with Post 53, but also by a grateful community.” Wood said.

In Herling’s comments to the members, she conveyed how grateful she was to work with youth of such high caliber and dedicated adult volunteers while providing the emergency medical care she loves.

About Darien EMS-Post 53

Founded in 1970, Post 53 provides emergency medical services to the Darien community at the highest level of excellence, using Darien High School students, adult volunteers and paramedics.

The members of Post 53 are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest level of training and skill in providing pre-hospital care and transport to the citizens of Darien.

Post 53 is recognized locally and nationally as one of the finest emergency ambulance services in the United States, for its consistently high quality of pre-hospital emergency care.

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