Check Mailing Roulette: Two More Reports of Checks Stolen from Outdoor Post Office Mailbox

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Apparently mail is still being stolen from the outdoor mailbox at Darien Post Office on Corbin Drive: Twice last week, Darien police received reports from people telling them the checks they mailed from that spot had been altered for higher amounts and cashed.

Darien police provided this information on each case:

On Sunday, Jan. 13, one victim mailed a check for $275, but on Thursday, Jan. 17, the victim noticed a check had been cashed against the account for $4,300. The image of the check showed that not only had the amount been altered, but also the recipient.

Also on Jan. 13, a different victim told police, a $500 check was mailed from the same recepticle. On Thursday, the victim was notified that the check had been cashed — but for $4,750.50 and made out to a different person.

Previous Thefts from the Same Spot

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