Another Case of Mail Theft from Late October / Early November Reported to Police

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Another possible case of possible tampering with a Darien Post Office mail drop-off box has been reported to police. The victim told police that a check for $334.83 was fraudulently cashed.

The matter was reported to Darien police on Dec. 15, about six weeks after police arrested a man and two teens accused of tampering with a mail drop-off box at Darien Post Office, and Post Office boxes in Old Greenwich and Cos Cob.

Here’s what police said the woman told them:

She mailed a payment from a mailbox at the Post Office at 30 Corbin Dr. in early November. Not until recently in December was she notified that the recipient never got the payment.

When she looked into the matter, she found that the check had been fraudulently cashed on Nov. 6.

Police did not say if they suspect the thief had removed the letter from a Postal Service mailbox with strings and a sticky substance, as they accuse a Yonkers man and two Yonkers teenagers of doing at the end of October. The woman told police her check was mailed in early November.

Recent Nearby Cases of Mail Theft

In Greenwich, Postal Service mailboxes were damaged in early November — something the arrested Yonkers males were not accused of doing.

On Oct. 1, according to the U.S. Postal Service, three Bronx men were arrested in the act of stealing mail from Postal Service blue collection boxes in Pelham, New York, not far from Greenwich. An announcement about the arrests didn’t say how the men were stealing the mail.

The arrests came after the collection boxes were put under surveillance. Authorities had received numerous complaints of mail theft had been made in Pelham and New Rochelle last summer.


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