You Can Now Decide to Get Outage Updates from Eversource by Text, Email or Phone

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This month, Eversource is rolling out a way to “personalize” how customers get important outage information and updates — by text message, email or phone.


The utility will use contact information customers have already given it, but customers can sign up and customize how they receive messages by going to the Eversource website.

To initiate the new process, Eversource used information on file to pre-enroll customers to receive updates by text message, email, or phone. To personalize which approach works best for customers, a one-step log-in to their account at allows everyone to select the method of communication that fits best with their lifestyle.


— This article was adapted from announcements from Eversource.


If there is an unplanned outage, Eversource will use a customer’s preferred method of communication to provide important updates throughout the restoration process, including when the outage began; what caused it; and an estimate of when power is expected to be restored.

Customers will also receive notifications of impending storms or inclement weather that could impact the electric system, as well as helpful updates detailing the company’s efforts to prepare for potential power outages.

In addition to receiving emails, text messages or a phone call, Eversource’s Twitter and Facebook pages are regularly updated with the latest storm information.


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