Attempts Made to Steal $100,000-Plus Through Fraudulent Checks from Bank Account

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Attempts have been made to cash several fraudulent checks, with a total value of more than $100,000 from a trust account managed from an office in Darien, police said.

The business reported the matter to police on Wednesday, July 26. About a week before that, two withdrawals were successfully made in Florida, one for $5,000, the other for 2,500. The firm immediately notified the bank and the funds were replaced. The business hadn’t been given any further information about the transactions.

On July 13, there was another attempt to cash a fraudulent check from the account, this time for $24,000. The check was made out to a person with an address in Connecticut. The bank didn’t give out the money.

Three more attempts were made to cash fraudulent checks from the account, each time for more than $24,000. Police weren’t immediately told where the attempts were made.

In all, more than $105,500 was involved in the various attempts to get money out of the account with fraudulent checks.

Darien police were told by the business that the bank had informed the account holder, who police hadn’t been able to reach as of early Monday morning. An investigation is underway.

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