Vandalism: Golf Cart Valued at $6,000 Destroyed When Dumped in Wee Burn Water Hole

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Someone took a golf cart at Wee Burn Country Club on Wednesday, July 26 and drove it into a water hazard on the golf course, totally destroying a piece of equipment the club valued at $6,000, Darien police said.

The next morning, employees of the country club at 410 Hollow Tree Ridge Road gave this account of the matter, according to police:

Four people had used the golf cart and left it parked for a while that afternoon near the 13th hole. When they returned, the cart was gone. They reported it missing to the head golf pro.

This isn’t that unusual occurence at the club, since golfers often take carts they find available, so no one went looking for it — but by the end of the day, the club was still one cart short.

The next morning, staffers went looking for the cart and found it partly submerged in a water hazard on the 13th hole.

Police asked neighbors if they’d seen, heard or knew of anything suspicious related to the cart, but no one had. No suspects have been identified.

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