UPDATE: Atria Darien Resident’s Wedding & Engagement Rings Found

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Update 3:39 p.m., Monday:

A wedding ring and engagement ring that a 97-year-old Atria Darien resident reported missing have both been found among the woman’s belongings, according to managers of the retirement home.

The rings were found on Thursday morning, according to Atria Darien.

“We are very happy that the missing jewelry belonging to one of our residents was found, as we expected, said Executive Director Janis Knorr. “Any time such an incident occurs, it is important to us to explore every possible avenue, including conducting our own internal investigation and contacting local law enforcement. I’m grateful to our staff for their quick action and efforts to locate the missing items, and to our local police department for their assistance in the matter. The security and well-being of our residents, and their belongings, are always our top priorities.”

Original article, Saturday:

A 97-year-old resident of Atria Darien took off her gold wedding ring and gold engagement ring before going to bed at about 9 p.m. on Feb. 9. In the morning, she couldn’t find them.

At first she thought the rings might have been misplaced, but when they couldn’t be found in her apartment, the matter was reported to Darien police on Feb. 16.

The victim doesn’t know what the value of the rings might be. Police have opened an investigation and started talking to healthcare aides at the 50 Ledge Road nursing home.


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