70 Students at Darien High School Inducted Into National Honor Society

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Seventy students from Darien High School were inducted as new members of the National Honor Society in a ceremony held Thursday Jan. 25 in the DHS Auditorium.

— an announcement from Darien High School

Members were selected by the chapter’s Faculty Council for meeting high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. The newest members (in alphabetical order) are:

Cameron Appleby, Anne Arrix, Elizabeth Branca, Ellison Brennan, Folke Bruno, Emilia Callery,

Blake Cellar, Chase Cleary, Elizabeth Corney, Sophia Cortellesi, Liliana Cullen, Emma Dahlquist,

DHS logo Darien High School 5-24-16

DHS logo Darien High School / DHS logo Darien High School

DHS logo Darien High School

Ria Dhull, Hayden Edwards, Caroline Egan, Spencer Erickson, Cristina Escajadillo, Lily Fairleigh,

Alyssa Farrell, Sofia Fea Ruiz, Mia Feng, Robert Gaaserud, Marley Garfield, Elizabeth Garijo-Garde,

Catherine Garrett, Emily Grandon, Cole Hanson, Devin Hart, Pierce Hoyda, Sarah Hoyt, Stefan Inzer,

Danya Jafri, Charlotte Juan, Aidan Keleghan, Emily Knapp, Lily Kosnik, Isabel Larino, John Lochtefeld,

John Lowder, Manvi Malhotra, Elizabeth Markham, Cassandra Maroney, Casey Martin,

Kasey Mazzone, John McLean, James McPartland, Rylee Mirabile, Emily Neuner, Kimberly Olvany,

Darien High School DHS 9-13-16

Darien High School sign at the Noroton Avenue entrance

Siddhant Parwal, Lauren Picard, Reade Plunkett, Hudson Pokorny, Mitchell Pryor, Parker Ravosa,

Taylor Richards, Aram Russell, Emily Schwartzman, Matthew Shabet, Grace Silsby, Evelyn Sload,

E’Sachi Smalls, Wren Stewart, Johan Trippitelli, Reilly Warble, Nathan Whittaker, Natalie Wittstock,

Quin Wolters, Olivia Yoo and Sheena Zhou.

Each year, the Darien High School chapter sponsors several service projects for the school and community, which in the last few years have included tutoring students, assisting during Open House and volunteering in the community.

The National Honor Society ranks as one of the oldest and most prestigious national organizations for high school students. Chapters exist in more than 15,000 high schools and, since 1921, millions of students have been selected for membership.


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