Almost 30 Teens at Party with Drinking on Red Barn Road

06820 postcard game pong 03-08-17

The postcard that Detective James Palmieri was referring to at the panel discussion Monday. It's one of the publicity materials published by the Thriving Youth Initiative of the Community Fund of Darien

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Darien police broke up a teenager party with drinking at a house on on Red Barn Road on Saturday, Nov. 23 and had parents pick up almost 30 teens after police received a complaint about a loud party.

The police announcement doesn’t mention charges being filed against anyone; police have a diversion program involving hearings and responsive measures that avoids formal charges and court appearances.

Here’s what happened, according to police:

Officers responded to an anonymous complaint they received at 10:17 p.m. about a possible party involving alcohol and teenagers. When officers arrived, they heard very loud music and saw people in the house speaking loudly.

Police tried to get the attention of people inside by ringing the doorbell and banging on the door several times, but none of that worked. Officers saw a glass door ajar between the garage and the rest of the house and went inside.

There they saw about 27 youths, cans of beer, other booze, two tables set up for beer pong games. Police spoke with the teenager who hosted the party, who said that she invited several teenage friends over, and then at some point other, uninvited teens began to show up and brought alcohol.

Police had parents pick up their children. The incident was referred to the Youth Division.

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06820 postcard game pong 03-08-17

One of the publicity materials published by the Thriving Youth Initiative of the Community Fund of Darien. It’s what police have found when they come across parties where teens have been drinking, Detective James Palmieri, a member of the Youth Division, has said.

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