Report of Teen Drinking Comes Too Late: Evidence of Party Drinking at Scene, But No One Home

06820 postcard game pong 03-08-17

The postcard that Detective James Palmieri was referring to at the panel discussion Monday. It's one of the publicity materials published by the Thriving Youth Initiative of the Community Fund of Darien

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Police said that a 15-year-old Darien girl told officers — who saw evidence that a party with drinking took place at a home while no parent was around — that she didn’t invite anyone to her home and didn’t provide alcohol to anyone.

Police gave this account:

She wasn’t even at her home on Kensett Lane on Saturday night when police arrived after getting a 9:28 p.m. report of teenagers drinking there. It was unclear from the police report whether or not she said she was even there when the party took place.

She told police that she believed teenagers who found out that her mother was away came to the house with alcohol.

Police who went to the home, no one answered the front door. They  went around to the back yard, where they saw empty beer cans and broken glass scattered about. Through a window, officers saw empty beer cans on the floor.

06820 postcard game pong 03-08-17

One of the publicity materials published by the Thriving Youth Initiative of the Community Fund of Darien.

When they spoke with neighbors, police were told the homeowner was away for the weekend, but her teenage daughter was home. Police were able to contact the homeowner, who told police her daughter was supposed to be staying with friends while she was away.

The homeowner contacted her daughter, who returned home. Police checked the house to see if there were any intoxicated youths inside (a standard procedure by the department when a party with teenage drinking is suspected).

Officers didn’t find anyone in the home. They saw empty beer cans throughout the first floor and several empty liquor containers.

The 15 year old didn’t seem to be under the influence of alcohol. Police didn’t charge the girl or anyone else.

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